Monday, February 27, 2012

Lecture Notes about Social Media in Social Marketing

Social media is not really about technology.  It is powered by people talking to each other - timeless.

Social media takes out the middle person.  It is DIY.  You don't need an intermediary (publisher) to get your ideas out.  What you do need is a compelling idea to spread.  Power to the people, right on.

Figure out what people want to pay attention to and give it to them.  Find out what people are interested in and they will pass it on to each other.

Social media is about building a movement.  You need subscribers and followers.  It is about finding like-minded people who will bring their friends and family.  It is building a base of followers who trust you and want to hear what you have to say.

Mainstream media has a far (but shallow) reach.  Whereas, social media has the power to engage in depth.

Find the TALKERS (vocal folks with influence) and give them TOPICS (a reason to talk; funny, interesting, and important ideas worth spreading).  Use TOOLS (social media, telephone, text messaging, informal conversations at public events or meetings) that foster TAKING PART by listeners, responders, and organizations.  Remember TRACKING (tools to track reach, depth and behavior change) for evaluation.

Social Media Tips & Guidelines for Social Marketing:
  • Be authentic
  • Share - interesting information & insights that are relevant and useful to the lives of target audience.
  • Social Currency - what kind of value are you providing followers?
  • Be relevant - who is your audience?  what are they hoping to get?
  • Engage in 2-way conversation - ask and respond to questions
  • Community - connect people with niche interests
  • Find your Fans - other people passionate about your topic
  • Create Evangelists - for your cause and provide them with a toolkit of information.

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