Monday, February 6, 2012

Reaction Formation

En route to UCLA from the Eastside (on Santa Monica Blvd.)
Defense mechanism of the week:  Reaction Formation 

'The tendency of a repressed wish or feeling to be expressed at a conscious level in a contrasting form.'

Or, "The blocking of desire by its opposite." 

In other words, to say or do the opposite of what you really feel or want (because what you really feel or want is way too threatening to accept).

Like when you pulled that girl's hair in Kindergarten to show that you really liked her.

Or like when you said, "Whatever, don't come by, do whatever you want."

Or like when the Cure sings, "I won't say it if you won't.  I don't want it if you don't . . ."

Or like when Morrisey sings, "I don't mind, I don't mind if you forget me.  Having learned my lesson, I never left an impression on anyone, bye-bye . . ."

Psychological maturity is standing up for what you believe or feel, despite the costs.

My girl says, "Diversity means following your own trends, doing what you love most and being free of other people's expectations."

Wow, so proud I get to be her mama.

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