Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Forgive or don't forgive,
talk about it or don't talk about it,
grow up or stay the same,
tell the truth or don't tell the truth,
figure it out or don't figure it out,
do the right thing or back down,
face your fears or avoid,
know yourself or hide,
love yourself and others or not so much
 - you may do whatever you'd like.

What we are responsible for, like it or not, are the consequences of our choices.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fill It Up

"You don't put yourself online only because you have something to say - you can put yourself online to find something to say.  The Internet can be more than just a resting place to publish your finished ideas - it can also be an incubator for ideas that aren't already formed, a birthing center for developing work that you haven't started yet...Having a container can inspire us to fill it.  Whenever I've become lost over the years, I just look at my website and ask myself, 'What can I fill this with?'"
--Austin Kleon


"One knows exactly what kind of plant will grow from the words being sown...Am I planting seeds of hope with my words or am I planting seeds of fear?  In order for healing to take place I must plant seeds of hope." -- Sandra Ingerman

Gains & Losses

"We all gotta learn how to grieve." --Rose Monteiro, LCSW
Breathing in... and out...

Aging is about gains and losses - trade-offs.  Wiser and worn.  You gotta let go to begin anew.

You gotta let go of mom and dad - emotionally and financially - in order to be an adult.

You gotta take a risk and detach from the outcome in order to usher in change.

You gotta let go of the trapeze bar behind you in order to grab the bar in front of you and swing forward.

The birth pangs usher in new life.

Death pangs signal passage into the next.

There is always pain in re-birth. 

We all gotta learn how to grieve.

Breathing in... and out...

Truth Opened

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