Monday, August 27, 2012

Working Titles

"And the first step is to imagine your dissertation...Imagining your dissertation allows you to develop passion, curiosity, and questions about your topic, as well as to think of yourself as someone who can make a commitment to scholarship." --Joan Bolker
Taking the first step can start with a title.  Here goes my brainstorming...
Families Can Talk About It:  The relationship between posttraumatic resilience and family communication

Telling Our Stories:  Posttraumatic resilience and parent-child communication among low-income urban families
Love, Stories and Resilience:  The relationship between posttraumatic resilience and family communication


  1. Posttraumatic resilience is a really touchy topic, but it really is something that should be studied nonetheless. How did you go about forming your thesis ideas? What title did you decide to go with? I personally like the first one.

  2. Hi Teri Swift,

    I'm sorry I missed your comment and question until now. I switched email accounts and missed the notification that a comment had been made. Thanks for your interest and let me answer your question in a new post.


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