Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Rights & Responsibilities

I matter.  We all matter.

I get to be happy and I am responsible for my happiness. We all get to be happy. The US Constitution is the only of its kind with that explicit and inalienable right.

I get to be seen, heard and understood in my relationships. We all do. We may expect it.

I get to choose love.

My body is my own.

I get to make mistakes and forgive myself.  It is part of growing and learning.  It is being human.  I get to be loved despite my mistakes.  If my mistakes hurt others repeatedly or if the repeated mistakes of others hurt me, then I can choose to create a healthy distance in those relationships.

I don't owe anyone a relationship - romantic, platonic or familial. Nobody owes me anything either.

I get to choose my friends. Sometimes, they don't choose me. Ni modo (oh well), they can't all be home-runs.

Who I let into my inner circle is one of the most important decisions that I make. I deserve to choose well. I get to choose those few souls that have my best interests at heart, who love and support me, who are spiritual, honest, positive, and hopeful. In return, they will get the same from me.

Everyone else gets my kindness, love and respect, but no one is allowed to take pieces of my soul. I will protect my soul with my voice.

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