Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Energy Healing

I have benefited greatly from Energy Healers.  I can't explain how this works but I stumbled on this description of the benefits and share them with you now.  I have provided contact information to an excellent healer in the tab on this blog above called, "Referrals."  You deserve to be well. Take care of yourself.
1. Brings about a state of deep relaxation and relief from stress.
2. Calms the mind, the nervous system, balances the subtle energy body and clears the auric field.
3. Assists the physical body's natural self-correcting healing mechanism in the release of stress.
4. Stimulates the immune response in the body.
5. Creates a state of openhearted receptivity and mental clarity.
6. Eases emotional trauma.
7. Can act as a preventative measure to physical illness and facilitates healing of illness and surgery.
8. Provides a sense of holistic wellbeing and integration of the body, mind and spirit.
9. Stimulates the nervous system and the subtle nervous system.
10. Clears blocked and stagnant energy from chi meridians facilitating health.

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