Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tirade on Fear

We all get scared. Trying new things is scary. We may respond differently to fear and new things, but WE ALL GET SCARED. The thing is, there's no way around it, no short cuts; the only way to mastery, competence or achievement (and farther away from "new scary thing") is to do it. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. It takes hundreds of trials and errors. That is thee process. For everyone. Why are you so special that you want to be perfect from the start, or (with hands on the hips) "I won't even try to do it" (all stubborn). Nobody gets to be perfect. Ever. Especially not at the beginning of anything. Grab onto your ovarios or cojones - whatever the good Lord gave you - both if you've got them and dare to do it. If for no other reason than to spite the Evil One that tells you that you can't or that it's impossible.

Hmm. Don't you just want to show 'em?


  1. Pushing ahead, despite the fear or the individual processes we face has been the reason I have achieved anything in my life. I agree with you. Is it lack of self-awareness? Lack of expectations? Or both? Or what? I love your blog. Thanks for sending me the link. This may replace the long, thought-provoking lunches.

  2. i think there's a certain element of narcissism in refusing/resisting new endeavors. you're absolutely right--why should anyone expect to be perfect from the start? we've all gotta pay dues, baby. at some point you've just gotta hunker down and get your a## moving, despite the naysayers.


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