Monday, January 4, 2010

Core Beliefs & Questions

If my core belief is, "I am incompetent," then it would makes sense that I not ask questions when I did not understand because this would invite attention to my so-called incompetence. I might also strive to be perfect (no typos) as a defense to my anxiety about my incompetence ever showing.

If my core belief is, "I am competent," then I am free to ask questions whenever I'd like because my questions merely symbolize my curiosity, or the learning process, or the lack of clarity of ideas presented, or how engaged I am in the conversation/presenter - any number of reasons, none of them pointing to any permanent incompetence on my part. Mistakes would also just be human - normal & natural - not further denigrating confirmation.

And isn't competence a dynamic concept on a continuum? How do we get stuck with a rigid and fixed idea that is clearly dependent on context and changes in time and space?

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