Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to School - Winter Quarter

SOC 210B - Statistics with Cameron Campbell (sociologist and demographer) and 10 weeks of linear regression. Weekly homework is 80% of grade and the take-home final is 20%. Woohoo!

Example of a regression coefficient statement:
"On average, an additional year of education increases income by $750/year."

Stats Support with Bridget Freisthler to review the technical aspects of the analytic techniques and discuss the findings from those analyses for write up in a paper, journal article or dissertation!

SW 245B - Intervention research with Todd Franke, focusing on research design and proposing randomized control trial and quasi-experimental designs.

"We will focus on design as separate from analysis because sophisticated statistics can't save what has been ruined by poor design or lack therof."

SW 225A - Policy course with Fernando Torres-Gil. Following universal health care policy as a class and I will probably choose to write about No Child Left Behind.

"Learning how to define a researchable question that is analytic, objective and non-ideological."
I finally checked out Powell Library - gorgeously old and refurbished. The study rooms are quiet and full of light. I will be studying there on Mondays. Feeling really good about the new quarter and being back.

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