Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Assessments in the Schools

Lorena, Deyanira, Joyce and Lauren routinely conduct comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment interviews with parents in elementary schools.

Linda has routinely conducted biopsychosocial assessments at various middle schools in E.L.A, Pico-Union and South L.A., as well as in the expulsion unit.

Doing this from the start pays off big in the long run. Getting a better picture of what is going on and how to respond comprehensively minimizes feeling lost and confused.

For instance, if we know that we are dealing with an adjustment disorder versus a more serious disorder like bipolar disorder or conduct disorder, then we can plan and prioritize our work accordingly.

Prioritizing the presenting problems and developing a diagnostic formulation can inform treatment goals and associated interventions. We can use the literature to identify tried and true interventions. If we are using more effective interventions, will that save us some wear and tear too? After all, getting the most ideal interventions for bipolar or conduct disorder means the difference between putting out the same fires all year or getting better outcomes (for everybody involved).

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