Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family Involvement in Secondary Schools

Is it possible to work with parents at the secondary level?

Maria and Aracely run parenting classes at middle schools in South LA.

Myrna runs parenting classes at a high school in ELA.

Lorna worked with up to 8 parents a day at a high school in the Valley.

At a Southeast LA high school, Gloria developed a model for working with parents and their reunified children, when parents had immigrated to the US before their young children.

Linda teaches parenting skills at an Adult Education & Work Center.

What else is going on out there?

What are the stories? What is the impact?


  1. thanks for the recognition.

    when parents balk about coming in to see me, i remind them that they will need to change first, if they expect their child to change.

    i can't imagine not working with parents...

  2. well said. thanks, sissay, me neither, especially with all that we know about attachment.


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