Friday, February 26, 2010

Mindsight with Dan Siegel, Part 4: Integration

"What is emotion? Energy in motion. Emotion has no shared meaning! There is no common definition. Emotion links the body to the brain (neuroscientist definition). Emotion also links people in groups and people across generations."

"Linkage of different elements = Integration. Linkage of differentiated parts."

"Emotional distress = not linking; stuck & stagnant (rigidity); chaotic, unpredictable and random behavior; or both chaos and rigidity."

"Complexity. Complex system is flexible, adaptive, coherent, energized and stable."

"Self-organization moves toward maximizing complexity."

"The example of a human chorus:
1) all singing one note together = linkage without differentiation (monotony)
2) all singing own song = chaos, differentiation
3) all singing same song = integration, flexible, adaptive, coherent, linking differentiated parts leads to a feeling of harmony, integration and well-being."

"Promote integration in self, family and community. Shape internal world toward integration."

"Chaos or rigidity (in self, family or community) = integration impaired; information/energy flow is stuck; where is differentiation needed?; promote linkage."

"Focus flow of energy and information to catalyze integration."

" - organizational consultation and explains the science of integration."

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