Friday, February 26, 2010

Mindsight with Dan Siegel, Part 3: Attachment

"cultural evolution = changing meaning"
--this sounds like a social constructivist epistemology, that is, things have meaning because we give them meaning in our exchanges. Can we change the world/ourselves via reflection? By examining how we think about things and then choosing how we want to think about things?

"Compassion makes the brain healthier"
--spread this around!!! As if compassion weren't cool enough, it's good for you too!

"Everything on the planet is energy."
--I remember the wow factor in science class when I realized that even metals are moving constantly.

"Energy flow is data. When we communicate deeply, we share energy flow."
--can you feel it?

"If we are blind to the inner world/information of someone else, then when they cry it is just annoying."

"Attachment research went from studying children to studying parents. The coherent narrative was the best predictor of attachment (Mary Main). That is, the way the parent told the story of his or her life predicted 85% of future attachment security of their children which underlies social-emotional skill development."
--the lottery of connections. Check out the Adult Attachment Interview published in 1985. Also check out A Secure Base: Parent-Child Attachment and Healthy Human Development by John Bowlby.

"What is going on in the brain when you makes sense (deep visceral sense) of your life?"

"When crappy things happen to you, making sense of your internal mental world (mind) allows you to tune in clearly and responsively to your child."

"If horrible things happen to you and you don't make sense of it, then your child will suffer."

"Social membership is the best predictor of health."

"You relax knowing there is a being taking care of you."

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