Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 6!

Today is Day 6 of my transcendental meditation practice (twice a day for 20 minutes) and of my sugar detox.

The two practices are complementing each other very well. While others in my sugar detox group complained about headaches and fatigue, I felt clear and energized. I think the TM helped.

I also think that paying attention to what I put in my body - not just sugar but what type of oils and other stuff - is helping my mind work better too.

Now I count the days but later I will lose track because I don't plan on quitting this good feeling.

Self-care is all about love. As babies, our caregivers took care of us and made sure we were safe, warm, fed and comfortable - that's how we survived. As adults, we are our own caregivers. And maybe we have to practice taking as good or better care of ourselves as our caregivers did.

I am committed to these acts of deep love - for myself and my daughter.

This week I gave my daughter the following rules:
1. Sleep at least 8 hours every night.
2. Eat breakfast everyday and take your supplements.
3. Do all your classwork and homework.
4. Feed the dog.
5. Clean up after you bake and pick up all your clothes from the floor.

I told her that I would take her phone away for the day (they are very attached) if she broke any of the rules. I also told her to make a list of possible rewards if she followed these rules for a month, six months and a year. She got very motivated.

My job is to love myself with my actions. I am her role model. My job is to teach her how to love herself with her actions. I do it because I love her. It is my joy to love her.

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