Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Publications, publications, publications

I love to investigate phenomena and write - it is one of the main reasons that I pursued a PhD and accepted an academic job. 

During the 5+ years that I worked on a PhD, I did not publish a single paper. I got close with one manuscript, which received a couple of "revise and resubmit" requests from a peer-reviewed journal. 

To be fair, in those five years I juggled co-parenting a teen as head of household, multiple part-time jobs, a separation and divorce, being a full-time student, and self-care. So I am not surprised that publications were not a priority. This limited options in my academic job search.

Now, I am making the time and creating the space to write - it is both a privilege and a pleasure.

Here is my productivity scorecard:

Acuña. A & Escudero, P. (2015). Helping those who come here alone. Phi Delta Kappan, 97, 42-45.

In press
Acuña, A. & Kataoka, S. (2017). Family Communication Styles and Resilience among Adolescents. Accepted by Social Work. 

Under review
Acuña, A. (2017). Back to Basics® Parenting Program in Urban Schools. 

In progress = 4+
Lessons Learned: Trauma Screening in Schools
The Challenges and Motivations for Academic Success Among Minority Male College Students
College Male Minority Mentoring: Interventions and Outcomes
Trauma-Informed Schools
Other papers in collaboration with mentors, colleagues or students

The milestones and expectations never end but I am lucky to be on this trajectory. I write to reflect on my goals and what I've accomplished. I write to de-mystify the process for anyone interested in pursuing this path. I write to inspire myself and others continually that it is possible - in fact, it is already happening.

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