Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chosen Habits

What behaviors do we repeat? 

I'm talking about...  What do we tend to eat?  What kind of pressure do we put on ourselves at work? What kind of work do we continue to do despite its stressful effects on our bodies, minds or spirits?

...friendships: What kind of people are we drawn to and how does this make us feel?

...conversations: What do we spend our time talking about? Complaints or compliments? The past, the present or the future? Being wronged or forgiveness?  Our strengths or our weaknesses?  Is there a balance?  Do we tend toward the negative and feel sad or worried a lot?  Do we focus on the positive and ignore the problems that need to be addressed?

What are the results of our patterns?

Are we satisfied with the results we are getting?

What experiences do we want to have?

What results do we want to see?

What would it take to have a different experience and result?

What would we be willing to do differently - even a little bit - just today - in order to baby step our way to a different storyline?

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