Monday, November 25, 2013


I'm two chapters away from being done with my dissertation.

Pending approval (or denial) from a school district to obtain secondary data for my dissertation study.

Awaiting acceptance (or rejection) of my first (and sole-authored) peer-reviewed publication.

Drafting a second publication and identifying a suitable peer-reviewed journal.

Negotiating an end-of-probation raise at one of my part-time gigs.

Submitting applications for Assistant Professor and research positions.

Mindfully co-parenting a sensitive tween and trying to mindfully eat during the stress and storm of limbo.

Scheduling weekly reiki sessions, monthly spa massages, bi-monthly nutrition coaching, daily naps, meditation CDs at bedtime, writing and writing and writing, choosing what goes into my heart/mind/body/soul/spirit wisely, and limiting toxicity in all its shapes and forms.

I have faith, hope and optimism but there are just so many oranges flaming swords you can juggle while blindfolded about the future. 

I am feeling it.  BIG TIME.  I am grateful for my reiki session today.  It opened up my solar plexus and root chakras - they were closed :(

Risking it all now.  Cliff diving.  Scared and exhilarated.  Overwhelmed and at peace.  Pendulating. 

Thanking Yesus.  Amen.

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