Saturday, April 13, 2013

Using our Words for Good Health

"Emotional upheavals can disrupt virtually all aspects of our lives.  Illness rates, levels of rumination, and social conflict typically increase following traumatic experiences.  A central psychological question concerns how people overcome these events.  On the basis of research over the past decade, psychologists now have a strong sense that talking or even writing about emotions or personal upheavals can boost autonomic nervous system activity, immune function, and physical health.  Although the link between disclosure and health have now been firmly established, why such links exists is still unknown...How do people respond to emotional upheavals in their lives and why?  Why does translating an event into language affect physical and psychological health?  How can our understanding of disclosure and health be applied in clinically useful and cost-effective ways?"

Emotion, Disclosure, and Health
James W. Pennebaker, Editor

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