Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Violence Exposure Interferes with Important Relationships

...violence exposure was negatively related to felt acceptance, such that children who experienced, witnessed, or heard about high levels of violence felt less accepted by their caregivers.
Kliewer, W., Cunningham, J.N., Diehl, R., Parrish, K.A., Walker, J.M., Atiyeh, C., Neace, B., Duncan, L., Taylor, K. & Mejia, R. (2004).  Violence Exposure and Adjustment in Inner-City Youth:  Child and Caregiver Emotion Regulation Skill, Caregiver-Child Relationship Quality, and Neighborhood Cohesion as Protective Factor.  Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 33(3), 477-487.

How does the impact of high levels of violence - at any level - interfere with our most important relationships?

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