Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wendy's Fact Sheet

Wendy's pre-interview fact sheet - she is soo ready

Every May, I talk about the job search process with students and interns.

First, I suggest that you figure out what you want - in a job, of an organization, of a supervisor, of a team.  Imagine it.  Picture it.  This helps you to recognize it when you see it.  It also helps you to ask for it in the interview:  

  • What is staff morale like at this organization? What is the rate of staff retention?
  • Please tell me about the vision of the organization's leader?  What is their leadership style?
  • What kind of training, mentoring and promotional opportunities are available to staff? 
Second, don't take the first job offer.  Expect multiple offers.  My students and interns are very good and well trained.  I don't give this advice to just anyone.

Think of job interviewing like dating.  The question isn't just are you a desirable candidate?  The question is also, are they an attractive organization to which you can imagine yourself committing?   More important than salary, will this be a good fit for you?

Salary negotiation is critical, of course.  Don't be satisfied with the low end of the salary range if you can sell your experience and skills to drive up the starting salary.  Always ask and then back it up with your stats.

At that part of the interview when you are asked if you have any questions - ask your questions about the organization and what you are looking for in a work environment/experience.

When you are asked to tell a bit about yourself, don't wing it - be thoughtful.  Well before the interview, reflect on your strengths, experiences, passions, skills and every nice thing someone has said about you.  Write it down.  Organize it into categories.  Develop a fact sheet about yourself.  Practice saying all these nice and true things about yourself.  It may feel uncomfortable at first.  Say it again and again until it feels natural. 

Walk into the interview knowing, in every cell of your body, what it is that you bring to the table, what it is that you want to do and learn and how.  Then open your heart, mind and soul and let 'em see your essence.  You can't lose.  No one is better at being your true self. There's no such thing as the perfect job but I hope you find a good fit.

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