Saturday, June 30, 2012

Calling Out Names at Graduation

nice legs

I had the pleasure of calling out names at Graduation this year.  It was like being in the show, This Is Your Life.  I called out the names of all the students in the Children, Youth, Women & Families Concentration.  I knew all of them in a special way.  Also, I got to stand in the receiving line with other professors (in my cute dress & hot pink shawl instead of academic regalia).  It was a joy to hug and kiss every graduate that night.  I asked to french kiss some of them and freaked out one girl in particular  (I'd often say in class, "kiss your brain" or "I'm sending you M&Ms - shhoop" or "I could kiss you!" which quickly escalated to "I'm coming in for the french kiss" because of how passionate I felt when they said something particularly thoughtful).  Sorry about that V-Nasty, it didn't occur to me that it would come off as scary when I asked nicely ;)

(whistle sound)

I think our culture is way too uptight about sex, sensuality and intimacy.  I hope we loosen up a little - in a good way.  That is, in a way that is fun and responsible.  A guest speaker in one of my classes suggested that instead of proposing CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) for someone that is depressed, how about we put, "have more sex" on the treatment plan?  Makes sense to me.  I wish we were evolved enough to do it.

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