Sunday, June 10, 2012

Advanced Practice Course

MSW graduates, 2012
Last Thursday we held the final class of the Capstone course for MSW students in the Children, Youth, Women & Families concentration.

I invited two guest speakers that day.  Over the entire quarter, I've had eight guest speakers covering topics such as:  entrepreneurial social work, parenting and family therapy, grief and loss, a career in child welfare, adolescent substance abuse counseling, family engagement in children's mental health, Native American healing, and community organizing/policy advocacy.

After class, we met on the lawn and stood in a circle in order to be smudged by my cousin - a spiritual healer - Josie Montes.  She sang and smudged students with sage.  She asked me to assist by smudging as I stood behind them.  Many students appeared visibly touched by the ceremony and released strong emotions by crying.  It was beautiful.  It was an honor.  Students thanked my cousin for the blessings they received.  Students sent me notes of thanks and appreciation for this gift.

We, all of us, have been touched by painful life experiences at one time and another.  We, all of us, are in need of healing and support at one time or another.  This is what it means to be human and alive.  There is no shame in that - let's accept it.  In this way, we can accept the healing gifts and opportunities that present themselves.  It is our birthright to heal, be whole and happy.

I am soo grateful for my life and my life's work.  I get to do this.  Thank you, Yesus.

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