Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Notes from my Hypnotherapist...

Here are some notes from my last session with a hypnotherapist:
  • The purpose of dreams is to help you make sense of something, to figure it out.  We dream the same dream (recurring dreams) until we work it out.  
  • Negative thinkers think about the problem.  Positive thinkers think about the solution.
  • A thought or event can trigger shallow breathing if we are stressed or panic-stricken.  Shallow breathing means we are only using 1/3 of our lung capacity and not breathing to the bottom of our lungs.  Our breath needs to go to the bottom of our lungs in order to enter our bloodstream and circle through our body (left to right).  Eventually our brain gets the needed hit of oxygen.
  • The brain cannot function without oxygen - we have poor judgment, make poor decisions and don't think straight when our brain lacks oxygen.  Taking 3 purposeful breaths can fix that.  Breathing relaxes you.

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