Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs are a motherfucker.  "Yes" keeps the door open.

When confronted by a limiting belief - from the inner critic or from a naysayer other than me - I like to say:  Fuck that shit.  I say it out loud if I am in my car or at home alone.  I say it in my head if out in public or within earshot.

"I don't know what I'm doing, I'll never learn, I'll be fired!"
You have figured things out before, you can do so again.

"I'll never succeed because I was not born into a wealthy, well-connected family" or
"I will never succeed because I was not blessed with a high IQ - intellectually or emotionally."
That is only true if I continue to believe it.  I've got other skills, talents, abilities and resources to succeed.

"I'll be happy once I lose weight."
Fuck that shit.
What does happiness have to do with weight?  Nothing - unless we think, say and believe so.

"I am afraid of failing, being disappointed, being hurt, or not being approved of."
Fuck that shit.
It's time to grow, which can only happen by facing and dealing with your fears and, when possible, following them to the limiting beliefs that have created the false perceptions.

"I feel powerless."
Fuck that shit.
You are, of course, powerful.  You've just lost momentum.  It's like riding a bike; you've got to keep moving in order to stay balanced.  Begin to take baby steps - forcing change in the areas of your life that trouble you most.

"That's the way life is."
Fuck that shit.
That's not the way it's going to continue.  From now on things are going to be different.

"My heart's desires are selfish and foolish."
Fuck that shit.
The truth is that there is enough for everyone, and your receiving your heart's desires does not mean others are going without theirs.  Plus, how can you give to others until you have first received?

Inspired by Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley

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