Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Love, Relaxation, and Well-being


My mentor/father-figure gave me a gift certificate to a hypnotherapy session for my birthday.  The sessions have made a big difference for him in the last five years - he feels like a new person.  I had my second session last night.


The relaxation achieved in hypnotherapy is deep and delicious.  The lower back tension and pain from my new and long commute (45 min) two days a week went away after the first session.
My dreams have become vivid.  As it turns out she (the hypnotherapist) provided a suggestion, while I was in a deep meditative state, to vent my problems through my dreams.
She is also working on breaking down walls that make me seem less than approachable - "expanding my boundaries" she said.  I feel it working in the "real world" (aka the local cafe where I study).


She said that our immune system works hardest when we are sleeping.  This means we need to relax deeply in order to be healthy.
She said to never feel guilty for taking naps.  Good, because I never do!  Even if I have a paper due - there's always time for a good nap and finishing the paper.
She also did some inner child work with me - she said, "heal the child, heal the adult."
This is going to be good :)

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