Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Hypnotherapy

In my first session, she wanted to see how suggestible I was.  I was "out" for at least 20 minutes.  She suggested that I vent my troubles through my dreams and my dreams became vivid - clearly working out the goals that I came up with for hypnotherapy about letting go of the past.

In my second session, she did inner child work.  I found myself at four, wearing a blue dress and smiling in my front yard.  I gave the four-year-old-me gifts and promised to take very good care of her.  Looking into her four-year-old eyes and face, I am inspired to choose well in all areas of my life.

In my third session, we worked on visualizing for the purpose of manifesting my future goals.  It was so much fun!  I could clearly see images and scenes of what I wanted.  Just for fun, she had me name and describe the future.  She wrote it all down so that when it happens, we can confirm how on the mark my vision actually was.

My eating habits have also changed since the first session.  Most noticeably, I am listening and trusting my body.  It has incredible wisdom! Rather than focus on specifics like juicing daily, I feed my body as much or as little as it requests with plenty of variety.  I am going through a warm burrito phase (egg burrito for breakfast, chicken burrito for lunch) - I think it's a response to all the juicing and cold salads I ate for several weeks.

I looked forward to meeting with my hypnotherapist on Monday nights.  It was like eating chocolate cake - yummy.  She said people come back to her even after they achieve their initial goals because it feels like a mental massage. Yeah, I can relate to that.

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