Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Forgiveness Affirmation

A side effect of depression and anxiety is being too harsh - unforgiving - on ourselves and others.

The following Forgiveness Affirmation comes from Connie Domino, RN, MPH, from her book, The Law of Forgiveness.  After leading goal-setting workshops, she noticed some participants reached their goals faster than others.  She noted that a lot of it had to do with holding on to the weight of anger and bitterness - it can get in the way.  Release it and be free already.

Here is the Forgiveness Affirmation and instructions:

1. Make a list

It is helpful for some people to make a list of those they would like to forgive. It doesn’t matter if it takes you several days or weeks to work through your list. The important thing is you have begun the process. Make a list of everyone you can think of that you would like to forgive, from your present and your past. Also, make a list of people you have wronged, whose forgiveness you seek. Forgiveness works freely both ways.

2. Find a quiet space

First, set aside a quiet time when you are least likely to be interrupted. Turn off any disruptive electronic equipment. Make sure any people who live with you know not to interrupt and ensure your pets are settled. Sit or lie in a comfortable place and position.

3. Visualize the person in your mind’s eye

Bring the person you wish to forgive into your mind’s eye. As much as possible, see them happy and surrounded by healing light. Visualize their higher self, not their nasty, mean Earth self (their soul, not their personality). If you have a number of people to forgive, you may wish to complete this in several sessions.

4. State the forgiveness affirmation

Bring each person into your mind’s eye one at a time, and say the forgiveness affirmation to each of them. Next, visualize them smiling sincerely and accepting your forgiveness. When you say, “and all again is well between us,” this means “the energy is now released.” It doesn’t mean you’re now buddies. Next, see that person walking off a stage or out a door, and bring the next person into your mind’s eye. You can say the affirmation aloud or silently. If you are forgiving a group, organization or country, picture the group in your mind’s eye and state the forgiveness affirmation. You may even visualize the group members saying the affirmation to one another. To make forgiveness real, you must be sincere. It is recommended that you should state the affirmation as it is written, as it has proven so successful with numerous Law of Attraction and Law of Forgiveness students. Remember if you change the words around to continue to justify your anger such as, “I forgive you for not being the person I wanted you to be,” or something similar, this means you are not willing to entirely “release” and “let go.” Therefore, you will not receive the full benefits of complete forgiveness.

Affirmation to Forgive Others
I forgive you completely and freely, I release you and let you go. So far as I’m concerned, the incident that happened between us is finished forever. I wish the best for you. I wish for you your highest good. I hold you in the light. I am free and you are free, and all again is well between us. Peace be with you.

Affirmation for Others to Forgive You
[Name] forgives me completely and freely. He releases me and lets me go. So far as [name] is concerned the incident that happened between us is finished forever. [Name] wishes the best for me. [Name] wishes for me my highest good. [Name] holds me in the light. [Name] is free and I am free, and all again is well between us. Peace be with us.

Affirmation to Forgive Yourself
I forgive myself completely and freely. I release myself and I let me go. So far as I am concerned the incident that happened is finished forever. I wish the best for me. I wish for myself the highest good. I hold myself in the light. I am free and all again is well with me. Peace be with me.

Take a deep breath! You did it!

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