Thursday, October 20, 2011

Program Update

The broom I am jumping now is the publishable paper - it is due November 1.

I started this paper two summers ago but I had to put it away because I didn't know enough about writing a scholarly paper.  It is not as easy as it appears.

I picked it up again last Spring while taking a seminar on how to write a dissertation proposal.  Working on both simultaneously seemed to get the juices flowing.  I submitted an abstract and methods section to my adviser for approval.  A respected editor, he gave me the green light to continue.

Then, I took a stats course specifically for experimental designs to help me conduct the analysis for the paper.  It turns out - less is more.  The more simple the analysis, the easier it is for audiences to understand (at least that was the advice I got from a RAND researcher/child psychiatrist).

If it wasn't for my clinical experience and training, I would not be here.  If it weren't for my research training and experience, I wouldn't be here.  I am now integrating both passions.  Can you see the light explode as they begin to fuse?

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