Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Crabs

Everyone says that crabs pull other crabs back into the bucket to keep them down.

I wonder if the crabs in the bucket pull others down in order to maintain community integrity and homeostasis?

I wonder if they are scared for their peer crabs should they jump out of the bucket into the dangers of the unknown?

I wonder if crabs that pull other crabs down are really trying to protect them?

There is safety in the group and safety in numbers, that is true.

But in every group there are vanguards and scouts.  The individual or the few that are born to venture out.  The community needs them and benefits from them too.  The scouts will explore the scary unknown and bring back news for the group. The group can choose to ignore, reject, scoff, ridicule or accept this information tentatively.  I believe this is how progress is made.  Ultimately, the survival of the group depends on it - adapt and change or die.  Support your scouts - they are not running away from the cherished group - they are stepping up and taking one for the team.

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