Monday, January 30, 2017

Stars Aligning

Day 1 of 10-day sugar detox, joined by my sister and thanks to my health coach. I made huevos a la mexicana for breakfast and packed my green drink for lunch later. I even made veggie soup for my daughters' lunches this week.

Day 1 of Transcendental Meditation (TM) training, thanks to the David Lynch Foundation, which trains students in schools, veterans and women/girl survivors of assault.

This is the start of a great 2017. Feeling motivated and clean.

Here are my notes about TM:
  • It takes 20 minutes/twice per day to recharge, develop stillness and wholeness. 
  • You release stress 2 times a day so it doesn't build up.
  • Over time, the benefits accumulate - you feel clear and energized.
  • It's a preparation for activity (for example, students might do it before doing their homework).
  • It helps you to connect to your inner silence - the silent part of you. Like the part of the ocean that is miles deep.
  • It is a basic technology that anyone can use. If you can think a thought, you can learn TM. It's a technology - not a belief system. It is not a cult - there is no leader telling you how to live.
  • TM is about waking up your consciousness.
  • Rest is how the body heals. Your body's natural intelligence takes over and knows what to do to heal. The body is healing from within.
  • The mind and body is less active - TM is profound/deep rest. It is 2 times deeper than sleep. It is more efficient.
  • It is a reboot or re-set for your brain.
  • TM helps you function in a calmer way.
  • TM is like shock absorbers on a car - it provides cushion and resilience on the bumpy road of life.
  • TM is getting rid of the blocks to become more of who you are.
  • Resting is how the body heals stress.
  • TM is an ancient indigenous knowledge from India. Indigenous knowledge can be lost in one generation. It is a cultural/traditional practice vs. religious.
  • TM is waking up all of our potential/creativity.
  • TM is training the brain to function in a different way. The brain begins to act as a whole. TM boosts IQ and creativity. There is more blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex with TM - to think more clearly. 
  • Transcending - Peter's (DLF TM teacher) description of "transcending" reminded me of the feeling I have when I get a gifted massage, or when I do yoga or when I've had hypnotherapy, acupuncture or reiki - I go to a different place where I'm like asleep but I'm not. I call it a meditative state - it feels really deep and restful.  He gave me the book, "Transcendence" by Norman E. Rosenthal. I'll post notes on it as I read it, I'm sure.


  1. Great listing and post - thank you. I've been practicing TM for over ten years. It's just like brushing my teeth in that it's part of my daily routine. I loved reading this list, it helped me remember so much about my experience practicing TM and it has absolutely helped me achieve and experience many of these point. I have always enjoyed it, and today, thanks to your post I am remembering why i love it so much. YAY!

    1. wow, over 10 years! it is becoming a part of my daily routine too and i am so grateful for it. i wonder what motivated you to get started and what unique reasons keep you practicing?


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