Sunday, January 22, 2017

Feminist AF

Sometimes, in a glorious twist of fate, the manipulative tactics of the lying-wounded-bullies actually backfire in a really big way.

Eventually all will come to light - the truth will come out. The people will see the truth and become galvanized.

This is true on a micro-level (in one-on-one relationships) and on a macro-level (in national & international politics).

Fear vs. Love.

When we fear that our only power is control and manipulation, then we weave a tenuous and tangled web of lies (promises and threats - plata o plomo), which make us vulnerable (to the risk of exposure) instead of strong.

When we trust in ourselves, others, the Universe/Creator/God/Higher Power/the god of your understanding, then we choose love. And love means taking good care of ourselves and wanting the best for others. Living simply and standing in truth, like a tree with really deep roots - shaken but never toppled.

Nobody grabs my pussy without my consent ;)

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