Sunday, December 15, 2013

Self-Determination & Detachment

We don't gotta pay for the consequences of someone else's choices - it is not our role, it is not our responsibility.

Duh, right?  But we need the constant reminder - like a mantra, affirmation or prayer - because the urge to rescue is so strong.  The pain of seeing a loved one in pain seems intolerable.

Sometimes the important lessons are only learned through pain.

If there ain't no shit, the grass don't grow.

I don't wanna stand between someone's lesson and growth.  I don't wanna interfere with cause and effect.  The lesson to be learned is way too important.  It's the difference between staying in the cocoon and flying.

There is a role for us - listening, bearing witness, empathizing, understanding, acknowledging.  That is caring with respect.  To a person in pain, it makes all the difference.


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