Monday, December 30, 2013

Being Whole

It's amazing what you can walk away from, understand or do when you are whole.

Whole, meaning balanced and integrated by connecting:

left and right
front and back
black and white
yin and yang
light and dark
strengths and dark side
from the bottom up
roots and tree
research and practice
process and content
task and process
details and the big picture
judgments and perceptions
thoughts and feelings
instincts and analysis
brain and gut
adult, parent and child
mind, body and spirit
love, work and play
character and image
words and actions
good and bad
saint and sinner
Madonna and whore
a good time and a keeper
scared and courageous
vulnerable and strong
hungry and full
past and present
then and there with the here and now

To wholeness in the New Year :)

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