Monday, June 3, 2013

Making Progress on Dissertation Proposal

As my fourth year of the doctoral program is coming to an end, I have just confirmed the date (June 25) of my dissertation proposal defense meeting.   My committee members include:  Todd Franke, Stuart Kirk, Sheryl Kataoka, and Lene Levy-Storms.


Please feel free to send positive vibes that morning.

The dissertation proposal consists of four of the six dissertation chapters:
  1. Introduction/Statement of the Problem
  2. Literature Review
  3. Theoretical Framework, Conceptual Model and Research Questions/Hypotheses
  4. Methods and Timeline
My committee will give helpful suggestions and decide if I am ready to proceed with my study - examining the presumed moderating role of family communication on the relationship between exposure to stressful/traumatic life events and post-traumatic resilience vs. PTSD development among low-income urban Latino youth in Los Angeles schools.

If approved, I will be officially ABD (All But Dissertation).

I have also submitted a paper to the journal, Children & Schools.  It is under review.

I will be working on two more papers in the next six months while the data for my study is being collected.

This has been so much harder than I ever anticipated.  My entire life has changed.  I am still grateful that I get to be doing this.  I have found my purpose in life.  This is what I came here to do.  

Five years ago I imagined myself with a stack of research articles - reading and writing with a smile on my face.  You can't see me but this vision has been realized.

I have been documenting the steps of the process with notes from my readings and reflections in the off chance that someone might have a similar dream and want to see what it's like.  It's an effort to break open the black box of doctoral education.  If there is an inkling, a spark inside that is telling you to move in this direction - I encourage you to take the next baby step.  The last five years have been a tying together of baby steps.  I can't believe I am here.  It is possible.  

Thank you, Yesus. Amen.

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  1. So how’s the ABD thing, Alejandra? Well, looks like you really have a lot of thing to do. And your dissertation research is looking good. I really wish you can successfully defend your dissertation proposal. And if that happen, you can have my sincere congratulation!


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