Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shamanic Treatment Stories

In September, 2011, I saw a shamanic practitioner and wrote about my experience with her in a previous post.

I tell my nearest and dearest about my experience and they inevitably ask for her number and go themselves.

I am calling the 20 or so souls that have done this and I'm asking you to please write about your experience.  That is, the part of the treatment that you would like to share - that might be helpful to others (soul retrieval, spirit helper identification, clearings, messages, images, an so on.)

At this point, I know that most people have undergone at least one traumatic event (trauma is pervasive) in their lifetime that may have caused soul loss.  It's time for the cast off soul parts to come home so you can be whole.

I waited 43 years to be whole.  I am grateful.  In shamanic cultures, you can see a shaman within three days of a traumatic event.  That makes more sense :)

Thanks for calling me after your visit or having lunch with me to tell me about it.  Now I wonder if you could write it down so I may post it here.  I look forward to sharing your stories.  

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