Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Strategic Family Therapy

Quote:  "To encourage forgiveness and kindness - the only way we can survive from day to day without emotional breakdown is by forgiving and forgetting.  We must forgive our parents, our children, our friends, our teachers.  We must also forgive ourselves for our mistakes.  If family members are to continue to relate to each other, they must forgive."

Quote:  "Often, a therapist needs to raise people from the grimness of their situation into a better way of being.  It is useful to start every session by pointing out to clients, as well as to remind them during the session, that they have come to therapy out of love and concern for each other and that they are seeking a better way of being and relating to each other.  These comments by the therapist prevent angry interactions and petty hostilities among family members."

Article:  Strategic Family Therapy by Cloe Madanes

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