Monday, April 30, 2012

Communication for Social Justice

I heard a presentation from GLIDE (Gays & Lesbians In Dialogue for Equality) recently and took the following notes (the presenters were fabulous):

There is an imbalance in asking about causation - why people are straight vs. why people are gay?

They reported a study that showed the 4th or 5th son in a family is more likely to be gay.

There is also the perception that childhood sexual assault is a causal factor.  However, considering the prevalence rates of sexual assault by age 18 (1 in 3 boys; 1 in 5 girls), it can be thought of as a confounding factor at best.  The high rates are staggering when you use them to project that about 1,000 out of 4,500 high school students (typical large high school in Los Angeles) are victims of sexual assault.  If there was a connection between sexual assault and homosexuality, then you'd expect a higher number of gay high school students.

**Gay kids are at increased risk of being abused because they are outsiders, out of the flock, and therefore at risk.

95-97% of sexual abuse perpetrators are straight men and acquire access to the child via mother (boyfriend, relative, friend, etc.).  It is therefore ironic that gays and lesbians should be perceived as such a danger to children - an example of the bastardization of fear.

"I want to be able to tell the truth."  This is what one of the GLIDE presenters said about why they volunteer to conduct community presentations like this.

One can still be fired for being gay.  There is no current national law protecting this group.

When you do something kind for someone else, "the fragrance remains with the hand that gives the rose."

Sperm is a prescription item!

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