Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Am Poems by Resilient Students

Two years ago, I ran therapy groups with my colleagues for immigrant teens exposed to traumatic or stressful events.  After completing the 10-session group, we asked them to write I Am poems to express to family members and friends what they had been through and what they had learned. Here is what a couple of  students wrote:

I am someone who was born in a small town.
I am someone who, as a child, played on the streets with his friends.
I am a person who has always had the support of his parents.
I am from a place where narcotics are ruining the people.
I am a person who tries and tries, until he obtains what he wants.
I am someone who is always willing to help a friend.
I am a person who knows what he wants, and what I want is to become a doctor.
I am someone who is very friendly and breaks the ice.
I am the son of two divorced parents.
I am someone who had to defend his mother when his father tried to harm her.
I am from a home where spirituality is very important.
I am someone who dislikes hypocrisy.
I am a person who has had to endure family loss.
I am a person who has had to leave all his friends behind and move forward with his life.
I am someone who followed his mother to the United States.
I am a person who found a way to express myself through theatre and dance.
I am a person who successfully met the challenge of learning English, so that I could attend a university.
I am someone who even though I left my friends behind, I have made more friends.
I will be a doctor and a fighter.
I am Juan Luis and even though I have been through a lot, I know what I want and will fight for what I want and those I love.
--15 years old

I am from the thumb of America.
I am a person with thousands of friends to support me.
I am Salvadoreña and Guanaca.
I am a person who is proud of my homeland.
I am from a humble and hard working family.
I am a person with a good sense of humor.
I am a person who helps those in need.
I am one who expects a future full of triumphs.
I am a person who dreams of being an athlete.
I am a person who wants peace in my family.
I am a person who does not give up.
I am from a neighborhood filled with crime.
I am from a family of strawberries and watermelon.
I am a person filled with dreams yet to come true.
I am a person who loves all those around me.
I am a person who always smiles.
I am a person who helps you to smile when you are sad.
I am from romantic music and “punta” music.
I am a person who loves stuffed animals.
I am the person you do not imagine that I am!
And I am someone, who with all my own efforts will accomplish my dreams and goals.
--15 years old
El Salvador

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