Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Empowerment, Self-Determination and Integration

Any attempts to control or coerce you can chip away at your soul, your mind-body-spirit-soul - because they are all connected.

Empowerment, exercising your say, is your soul's protection. Use your words! You have a beautiful voice!

Our mission, as humans, is to get or stay whole - integrated - to be at home in our own skin, wherever we find ourselves and wherever life takes us - whole in mind-body-spirit-soul.

Self-determination is the right to make choices about our own life and face the consequences of those choices.

It takes soooo much self-awareness and courage to be whole, truly a hero's journey.

We are not alone.  We have guides and support.  We can do this. Our life depends on it.  It is our birthright.

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