Thursday, December 31, 2009


I can't believe the first quarter is over. It felt slow - fast - slow, like a Pixie's song.

I survived, I didn't get thrown out of the program, my fellowship has not been revoked, I passed all my classes.

I remember the pain in my chest because of the pressure I felt the night my epistemology paper was due.

I remember the feeling of panic and praying a lot the morning I drove into school to take my Statistics final exam.

I remember sleeping a lot the week after everything was submitted and the quarter was officially over.

Winter quarter begins next week and I just finished the reading that is due for my Monday afternoon Intervention Research class. I am looking forward to this class.

I am looking forward to the new schedule - driving in to school only two days a week.

I feel very lucky to be in this situation - tired and stretched thin with a big smile of fulfillment.

It has been my new years resolution since forever to spend more time writing. Cheers to making good on dreams. Happy New Year and everything that means...

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