Saturday, December 5, 2009

Graduate School Math

Time spent per week*…

30+ hours of course reading

10+ hours of commuting time from Eastside to Westside

12+ hours of in-class time (lectures and labs)

16+ hours of School Mental Health part-time work on projects like:
Response to Intervention and social-emotional interventions website content
Reflective Learning Groups (RLGs) for Psychiatric Social Workers and Social Work Interns
Organizing RLG Facilitator meetings
Organizing Professional Development committee meetings and developing training powerpoints
Training, consultation and product development for the Trauma Services Adaptation Center
Disseminating the South Los Angeles Resiliency (SOLAR) Project model and findings
Other duties as assigned

56+ hours of sleep (8 hours of sleep per night is mandatory for my functioning)

*Not including math and Spanish tutoring time with my daughter and all the stuff that makes life fun and worthwhile – family and friend time!

This is a fraction of the cost of investment.

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