Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Love & Gratitude

The antidote to the anxiety and depression that grips us is a brave and consistent commitment to love and gratitude.

There is only fear or love. Which do you choose? 
Isn't it horribly beautiful that you have the right and power to choose?

Loving depressed folks has made me keenly aware that a common mindset and practice among this crowd is that of constant complaining - seeing only the negative when the good and bad live side by side.

No matter what the circumstances - be they living in a concentration camp or on vacation in Malta and Miami - the depressed brain generates negative thoughts that make one sound downright ungrateful, even when surrounded by water and beauty!

It's never enough because with anxiety and depression, one is always and everywhere worried and sad for no reason, despite the circumstances and not necessarily because of them.

When negative thoughts are your oldest friends, it takes courage and faith to do something different - to betray these familiars and make new friends.

The fear that grips us at the thought of it isn't real. It will dissipate as we take steps toward the truth and our freedom.

You coming?

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