Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Singing his jaguar down from the tree

"...I remember observing one of these shamans, Don Ramon, during his nighttime healing ceremonies, as he would load his pipe with jungle tobacco and turn to one of his patients and 'sing his jaguar down from the tree." I asked him what he meant, and he explained that like many people, the patient lived in constant fear and that this fear was the result of a trauma experienced early in life that had not healed.  He said, 'This man's soul is like a terrified cat who escaped danger and quickly clambered up a tree, where it remains, hissing at anyone who comes near. The cat must come down, relax, and resume walking on the terra firma of the rainforest, or there will be no healing of the illness this fear has engendered in him."

Villoldo, A. (2007). Jaguar Medicine. Alternative Therapies, 13, 14-16.

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