Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gains & Losses

"We all gotta learn how to grieve." --Rose Monteiro, LCSW
Breathing in... and out...

Aging is about gains and losses - trade-offs.  Wiser and worn.  You gotta let go to begin anew.

You gotta let go of mom and dad - emotionally and financially - in order to be an adult.

You gotta take a risk and detach from the outcome in order to usher in change.

You gotta let go of the trapeze bar behind you in order to grab the bar in front of you and swing forward.

The birth pangs usher in new life.

Death pangs signal passage into the next.

There is always pain in re-birth. 

We all gotta learn how to grieve.

Breathing in... and out...

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