Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thank Your Mentor(s)

January 17 is Thank Your Mentor Day.  If the day came and went this year without fireworks then now is as good a time as any to show your gratitude.  Martin Seligman talks about how Gratitude Visits are an evidence-based approach to happiness - for the person being grateful.  You can imagine how it feels to be the recipient too.

I wanna publicly thank the brilliant and down-to-earth men and women that I count on as mentors.  My life would not be the same without them.  They inspire and save my behind in countless ways.

Roberto Gutierrez, L.A. Latino Artist/Teacher/Mentor/Friend/Father-Figure Extraordinaire
Reevah Simon, LCSW, Expert Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Supervisor
Robert Cordova, Retired Educator, School Principal, Community Organizer, Agitator and Bada$$
Dr. Karin Elliott Brown, Social Worker, Scholar, Professor, Administrator, Role Model
Dr. Hector Myers, Scholar, Professor, Psychologist and one of the warmest and most genuine souls
Dr. Stuart Kirk, Scholar, Retired Professor, Critical Thinker, my committee co-chair and tireless supporter of my doctoral journey
Dr. Todd Franke, Scholar, Professor, Stats Bada$$ and my committee co-chair

What blows me away about really off-the-charts brilliant folks is their warm approachability.  It's like they know they got a gift from God and are grateful to get to use it in this life - so they are happy and full.  They radiate good energy - I'm grateful to bask in their glow.

My friends ask me - why do you have so many mentors?  I need some too!  Who doesn't?  What I love about wise older folk is their willingness to share their hard-earned wisdom.  They are not stingy with their lessons learned.  I feel like all I've had to do to engage them is ask them questions and listen (taking lots of notes! and sometimes I bring a video camera!).  I encourage you to start collecting your mentors today.  Do you get that when you ask them to tell you their stories, especially if they are retired, it's good for them too.  Good stuff all around.

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