Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's the Big Day

Second interview for Assistant Professor position.
Six candidates.  Two openings.
Four-hour interview.
Interview with the Dean, the Department Director, the search committee, present colloquium on urban families, trauma and resilience, and finally dinner with search committee.
Questions about my research, teaching methods, and experience.
I will be busting open my brain and heart for this one - laying it all on the line.
Then I will come home and hug my daughter and call it a night.

When I am old and people ask me about my greatest joy and accomplishment - I will smile and say it is being Paolina's mom. 
Love, work and play - that's what Freud said we all need for good mental health. 
Living a life in balance is the reward.
This line of work exercises all my faculties. 
I have been preparing my whole life for this. 
I am grateful that my daughter gets to see me doing what I am passionate about and I'm glad that it will pay the bills too.

Feeling calm and ready.
My friends and family members are sending positive vibes and prayers.
I've invited my mothers, daughter, God, angels and my ancestors in the room for moral support.
I have prayed surrender. I have smudged myself with sage.
This is happening. Naturally.
Cliff diving for Yesus.

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