Tuesday, April 6, 2010

24 Months

Many social and recovery aid programs provide a maximum of two years support. Dr. Iglehart wonders, "what is the magic in 24 months?"

She asked our class a very provocative question:
How long would it take you to get back on your feet if you lost everything?
Could you get back on your feet within two years (assuming a high school education)?

Three PhD students said no or I don't know and three said yes. How would you answer?

I said yes because I figured I could get a job (any job) and at least a studio apartment in two years. I think that my core belief (I am competent) and persistence and natural thrust to grow, develop and survive would not let me fall lower than this basic standard in the US. If I were severely mentally ill or otherwise disabled, then I don't know. But that wasn't the question, she just said how would you do.


  1. What is losing everything?
    My family lost our ream, our home, our vision, our work, and all material possessions (save 2 suitcases each). However we still had a tight circle of friends, family, and church members who helped us get back on our feet. We lived with some and figured out how to re-enter American society - it took about 6 months from landing to really being able to begin again.
    I have learned repeatedly that in times of greatest change or stress (specifically cross-cultural, but has proven valid in other areas of life) the lowest/ hardest moments are around month 3, 6, 12 and 24. Maybe 24 months is not the best time for ending support based on that - would 18 months be better?

  2. Thanks, Steff, for your story and insights. I will share this with my professor. I think we need to have a book club reunion with lots of food, wine and conversation - just like the old days!


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