Friday, March 19, 2010

Flourishing Abstract

It is when individuals are being tested that much becomes known about human strengths--what they are, how they come about, how they are nurtured or undermined. In this chapter, the authors briefly examine previous research on resilience--how the construct has been defined and measured and what have been identified as key protective factors and resources to account for such resilience. They consider these questions with a brief focus on studies of children as well as more lengthy consideration of research on adults and elderly individuals. The authors then compare studies of resilience conducted at early and later periods of the life course. The chapter is concluded with a discussion of targeted research priorities designed to extend and apply knowledge of positive human functioning in the face of challenge--in other words, the capacity to flourish under fire.

Flourishing under fire: Resilience as a prototype of challenged thriving.
Ryff, Carol D.; Singer, Burton; Keyes, Corey L. M. (Ed); Haidt, Jonathan (Ed). (2003).

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