Saturday, November 21, 2009


I came across this definition of resilience in an email from UCLA's Urban Planning Journal...

Derived from ecology, the concept of resilience is defined as the "measure of the persistence of systems and of their ability to absorb change and disturbance and still maintain the same relationships between populations or state variables" (Holling 1973). A resilient system is formed by the dynamic interplay between deterministic forces and random events, structural factors and human agency, linear paths and contingency. Such heterogeneity and variability allow resilient systems to absorb unforeseen shocks, continually adapting and evolving so as to resist collapse.

Any thoughts or reactions to this dynamic and interactive definition?
How will any institution that children and families depend on (including LAUSD), adapt and evolve "so as to resist collapse" in the face of so many shocks, changes and disturbances? With so much at stake, what are our best ideas?

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