Friday, May 26, 2017

Graduations in the Spring

These personalized graduation caps inspire me and make me smile. 

In the Spring, we reap what we sow. Enjoying the fruits of our years-long labor is a sweet reward.

The students that I met on their first day of school in my class nearly two years ago, are now my colleagues. Some of them were in my classes every semester for the last two years, others I guided through their capstone project all year.

Like any significant relationship, there were days I was in love. I made myself vulnerable, I told my most personal stories in an effort to connect, model, teach, inspire and assuage their fears.

Like any significant relationship, there were days they got on my nerves. Sometimes I told them collectively and other times I walked over and whispered to them in their faces about putting their phones away while in class. I even bought them play-do to occupy their hands while they were jonesing to text.

I cried as I drove in to work on their last day. The souls and cast of characters that I had hung out with for the last two years were now leaving and I was sad (and on my period). I learned a lot from them. Now they can friend me on Facebook and my unsolicited advice-giving can continue. It turns out that constantly reading is even more fun when you share widely what you learn. The student surpasses the teacher so I look forward to hearing about their milestones and achievements in the field. Watch out world, CSUN MSWs are going to make a dent in the Universe.

Daring to start my PhD journey has lead me to a new and beautiful life, full of little deaths and re-births daily. Grades are in and I am staring down the barrel of a long summer. You will find me reading a book, poolside. Feeling lucky and smiling about it. Thank you, Yesus.

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